GROW-API Supporting Documentation

The documentation listed below supports the implementation of the GROW API with maternity information systems.

Each document has a version number and a recommended audience so the appropriate people read the documentation relevant to them.

Current Documentation
Document Date Version Intended Audience
Description of changes in this release 22/01/2019 1.1.10 Developer
Agreement GROW-Service 12/08/2019 2.3 MIS manager/legal team
GAP Service Level Agreement 07/11/2019 1.2 MIS manager/legal team
API Manager Guidance 21/01/2019 1.5 MIS manager/legal team
GROW-Service - User Interface Guidance 22/01/2019 1.5 Developer
GROW-Service - REST API 22/01/2019 1.1.11 Developer
GROW-Service - Developer Guidance 14/01/2019 1.5 Developer
Helpdesk Service Level Agreement 01/11/2019 2.0 Developer
Ethnicities Info Icon 29/01/2019 1.1.10 Developer
Clinical Safety Case and Hazard log Report 24/11/2015 1.0 Clinical Safety Officer/Manager
User Acceptance Test Script for MIS Provider Software 10/03/2020 1.3 Developer
Test Data for MIS’s for v1.1.11 21/01/2020 2.0 Developer
Test Data for MIS’s for v1.2.6.1 02/03/2020 3.0 Developer
MIS Integration Process Map 11/04/2016 2.0 MIS manager/Developer/Clinical Safety Officer
MIS Integration Process Map References 11/04/2016 2.0 MIS manager/Developer/Clinical Safety Officer
Archived documentation